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Customized Accelerators:
Igniting Success, Fostering Innovation, Unlocking Opportunities.

Our programs are tailor-made opportunities for women entrepreneurs to fast-track their way to success. Through customized mentorship we pair women entrepreneurs with seasoned mentors, fostering knowledge exchange and skill development. We curate impactful workshops, providing practical insights on business strategies, financial literacy, and leadership skills. Through networking opportunities, we connect women across diverse industries to enhance collaboration and collective growth.

By cultivating a supportive ecosystem, we aim to break barriers, amplify voices, and catalyze success for women-led ventures. Together, we're driving a transformative wave, celebrating the resilience and innovation of women in the entrepreneurial landscape. 

Join our vibrant community!

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Level Up is a virtual accelerator programme for women-led, tech and tech-enabled startups in India. In partnership with Google for Startups, 91Springboard has created this unique, nationwide virtual accelerator that combines key elements of business, tech, leadership, and investment readiness to help women entrepreneurs in India take their startups to the next level.

This accelerator offers mentoring, masterclasses, connections, tools, and opportunities for women entrepreneurs to refine their models, enhance their leadership skills, and get investment-ready in order to grow their businesses.

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CircuLead is a 6-week programme designed to empower women entrepreneurs building innovative solutions in the Resource Efficiency (RE) or Circular Economy (CE) sectors. The programme aims to support women leaders strengthen business models, deepen leadership skills and learn from peers through a hybrid, immersive learning experience.

The EU-Resource Efficiency Initiative (EU-REI) is implementing CircuLead programme with support from Nüshu Network, powered by Unlock Impact.

EU-REI is implemented on behalf of the EU by a consortium led by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Confederation of the Indian Industry (CII) and adelphi. 

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