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Why we invest

Women-led businesses come in many sizes and need pools of capital that are suited to their models and aspirations.

At Nüshu Network, we embrace the Builder Capitalist ethos, taking a long-term view of of building successful businesses. We back women entrepreneurs who may not fall into the lens of traditional capital. Due to the gender financing gap, many women-led businesses are businesses with healthy unit economics where profits can be channelled back into organic growth.


We believe investing in women leads to stronger institutions, better returns and a more equitable world.

Why we believe in impact

Solving the world's biggest problems requires market-driven models to create lasting change.

We invest in bold entrepreneurs who are tackling Asia's hardest and most intractable problems and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. We believe women-led businesses build for long-term change and are a integral part of the solution.


Nüshu Network specifically targets companies whose products, services or operations result in measurable positive social and/or environmental outcomes. We believe that organizations which are led by people from diverse backgrounds are ultimately able to manage resources and risk more effectively, so 100% of our investees will be led by women and underrepresented founders.



Women entrepreneurs can access working capital of around USD 30,000 to help their ventures meet their short-term capital needs in order to achieve long-term business goals. 

Whether it’s to build a new website, run a marketing campaign or to hire key team members, every business needs capital infusion at the right time, to grow, and we want to help you get that. 

Those selected will have the opportunity to receive leadership coaching and investment training led by expert coaches and mentors.

  • At least 2 years of operations

  • Revenue generating business model in any sector

  • Ambitious to grow business in the next few years

  • Interested in accessing external financing

  • Commitment to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


We’re assembling a network of gender champions, women and men, who are keen to give back and invest in high-potential women leaders. Nüshu investors will have access to a pipeline of high potential women entrepreneurs across Asia.

Be part of the Investment Circle with fellow investors, evaluate pitches and co-invest with peer investors.Get access to diligence memos, standard term sheets, and founder Q&As. 


Whether you are a seasoned investor, or just starting out, we welcome investors at all stages.

  • At least 10 years of experience in your own industry

  • Strong commitment to gender equality

  • Interested in investing in women-led startups

  • Interest in emerging markets in Asia

  • Available to support entrepreneurs through advice, networks

If you are ready to join a stellar community of peers who are working 
to create an inclusive ecosystem while supporting each other in this journey, 
we welcome you to our tribe.

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