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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for the Nüshu Network Community?

Women entrepreneurs who have been operating for 1-4 years in South or Southeast Asia and whose ventures are revenue generating are eligible to join the Nüshu Network. We are committed to supporting a diverse community of women-led businesses, and therefore welcome women entrepreneurs from all sectors, who are dedicated to contributing to the SDGs.


Who is eligible to apply to the Investment Circle?

All women entrepreneurs who are a part of the Nüshu Network,  will be eligible to apply for our Investment Circles. Up to 5 entrepreneurs will be selected to go through a tailored leadership and investment coaching program, and gain access to investors after a due diligence process.


What is the selection process for investees?

At the end of the coaching program and diligence process, entrepreneurs can pitch to Nüshu Network investors at the Investment Circles. After the pitches and due diligence, the investors will decide which entrepreneurs to invest in.


What is the Investment Circle selection criteria?

A business that is looking to scale and grow

Have at least 2 years of operations in India

Can demonstrate early traction and recurring revenue

Looking to absorb equity investment

Do you have any areas of focus?

Sector agnostic but committed to sustainable development goals. Models that have positive social and environmental impact


What is the investment amount

Entrepreneurs are invited to participate in investment rounds of USD 30,000 and more. 

How are the investments made?

Selected entrepreneurs will undergo a leadership coaching and investment readiness program. They will move through our due diligence process and have an opportunity to present to our investor circle and pitch for equity investments. of up to USD 30,000.


How will entrepreneurs receive the money?

If the enterprise is selected for investment by the Nüshu Network investor circle, the investment amount will be transferred to your business bank account after the agreement has been signed.


How does Nüshu Network work with investors?

Nüshu Network organizes periodic Investment Circles for member investors to access high-potential women-led companies. First, join the Network and access resources and events curated for you and then you will receive an invite to join the Nüshu investment circle 


We will share the potential deals being reviewed for the Investment Circle. Once you express your interest, you will get updates on the deal's progress. Once the Due Diligence is completed, you will be invited to a pitching event to hear the final pitches and decide on if you would like to invest.


Based on commitments, we will begin the paperwork and legal & financial due diligence. We will call for the money only once the Due Diligence is successfully completed.


All investors will invest directly into the enterprise. Nüshu Network will do the complete deal documentation (legal paperwork). Post Investment, the Nüshu Network team will provide a quarterly update on key business metrics and financials and an annual impact report. We will also invite you to a quarterly check-in with the portfolio company.

How are deals sourced and vetted?

Nüshu Network sources deal through three key ways: One, we are continuously building a community of high potential women entrepreneurs who can access the learn-at-your-pace virtual curriculum; Two, before each Investment Circle, we put out a public call for applications and will vet applicants through a due diligence process before they are presented to investors; Three, we accept referrals from partners such as VC funds, incubators and renowned business plan competitions.

What is the minimum investment required to join a syndicate deal?

We are committed to diversifying the pool of investors and, therefore, the minimum you can invest in a Nüshu Network syndicate deal is about INR 1,50,000 or USD 2,000. You are under no obligation to invest in any deal as a member.

What fees are there when I make an investment?

Membership in the Nüshu Network is free.  We suggest a voluntary contribution of USD 200 to Nüshu Network to cover the costs of the investor learning sessions and other community activities.  A small deal fee will be charged pro-rata to all investors in a deal.


If you are ready to join a stellar community of peers who are working
to create an inclusive ecosystem while supporting each other in this journey,
we welcome you to our tribe.

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