We empower every woman entrepreneur to succeed on her own terms

In the mountain villages of rural Hunan in China, there emerged a secret language created and used exclusively by women. Nüshu provided a way for the women to cope with hardships, gave them an outlet to bond and support each other, becoming a code of defiance against the highly patriarchal society of the time. 


Nüshu Network is inspired by this legacy of sisterhood.


We are focused on bringing curated connections, leadership coaching and access to diverse pools of capital to entrepreneurs.

We want to see every woman entrepreneur in Asia succeed on her own terms. 

Why Nüshu 


What We Offer


Be part of Nüshu Network, a supportive community for women entrepreneurs
in Asia looking to grow their business, as well as gender advocates looking to invest in
high-potential ventures, expand their portfolio and amplify impact at scale.

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Learn-at-your-own-pace curriculum focused on gender and business challenges, customised leadership coaching with entrepreneurship experts, and learning sessions on impact investment and finance.

Entrepreneurs can access capital of up to USD 30,000 to help their ventures meet finance needs in order to achieve long-term business goals. Bi-annual Investment Circles will be organized where investors will have the opportunity to invest in high-potential entrepreneurs.

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How It Works

Community Connect

Join a
growing  community of women entrepreneurs & investors


Access self-paced leadership 
curriculum, masterclasses,  networking and other events

Apply for 

Apply for financing and custom support through the Nüshu Network platform


A select group of

10 entrepreneurs

will undergo

a 3-month customised leadership coaching program


Investors on the platform will select enterprises suitable for investment

based on due diligence and pitches

We Are a Gender Smart Network

We are committed to using finance as a tool to promote gender equality. 


We apply a gender lens across all our activities, especially our investment process, bringing together gender-smart investors and partners who recognize that market systems benefit men and women differently, especially those at the margins.  

We welcome all women (or individuals who identify themselves as women) entrepreneurs whether they associate themselves with the following terms or not: Cisgender, Transgender, Non-binary or Binary, Genderqueer, Intersex, Gender fluid, Transsexual


If you are ready to join a stellar community of peers who are working
to create an inclusive ecosystem while supporting each other in this journey,
we welcome you to our tribe.

Nüshu Network is an initiative of Unlock Impact, a women-led social impact advisory firm that collaborates with businesses, investors and entrepreneurs to implement and scale their solutions in South and Southeast Asia. 

For more information, email us at 

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