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Who we are

A woman-led advisory firm focused on scaling solutions to impact gender equality and climate change.

We have designed and run leadership programs for women entrepreneurs in India.

We launched an access-to-finance platform for women entrepreneurs in the Philippines with UN Women.

We run a gender-smart impact angel network in the Philippines. 

We have worked with social enterprises and startups across Asia for a decade. 

We are entrepreneurs who have been through the highs and lows of this journey ourselves.

We have built networks, pitched for funding, launched products, and seen the trials and tribulations of success. 

We have been underestimated, beaten the odds, juggled multiple hats, succeeded and failed at balancing it all.

We believe women-led businesses can scale, be profitable, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

We will break down, club over, run through walls that have been built by systems that do not see women entrepreneurs as equals, as worthy investments.

Why We Exist

There is a USD1.7 trillion financing gap worldwide as 80% of women-owned businesses that

need credit are under-served. 

Globally, only 2% of venture capital funding goes to women-led enterprises. 


Men make up 91% of the venture capitalist industry’s executive ranks. Decision-makers in financial institutions are overwhelmingly male. 


A combination of risk aversion among women entrepreneurs, gender bias in the larger ecosystem,
and the lack of female representation among investors and financiers
creates a vicious cycle that has been difficult to break.

We WILL change the status quo 

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About Unlock Impact

Nüshu Network is an initiative of Unlock Impact, a women-led social impact advisory firm that collaborates with businesses, investors and entrepreneurs to implement and scale their solutions in South and Southeast Asia. We have been helping businesses grow since 2017 and our core team brings decades of experience in business strategy, marketing and impact investing.

We have successfully implemented projects and advised startups across South and Southeast Asia and have worked with stellar entrepreneurs, partners, investors and advisors to develop and launch this network. We are proud to be a virtual global business led by women.

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Meet The People

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Aditi Seshadri

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Co-founder at Nüshu Network
Partner at Unlock Impact 


Priya Thachadi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Co-founder at Nüshu Network
Partner at Unlock Impact 


Denise Dalusong

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Program Manager

Gender & Inclusion

at Villgro Philippines

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 1.28.53 PM.png

Preeti Seshadri

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Business Operations at Unlock Impact


Charlene Rodenas

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Sofhia Mae M. Amado

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Amina M Azad

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Community Associate

 Gender and Inclusion

at Villgro Philippines

Communications Manager

at Unlock Impact


Martha Gonzales

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Gender & Inclusion Associate

at Villgro Philippines

Communications Associate

at Villgro Philippines


Prabh Singh

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Fintech and Investment Expert

Advisor to Nüshu

If you are ready to join a stellar community of peers who are working to
create an inclusive ecosystem while supporting each other in this journey, 

we welcome you to our tribe.

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