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"Moms enrich work environments through diverse perspectives and creative problem-solving"

House Of Zelena creates products for mothers that make them look and feel good in addition to providing them with access to a strong supportive community of other mothers. They also offer flexible and remote work options for mothers. Founder Hina Priyadarshini tells us more:

NN: How does House of Zelena cater to or support Moms?

Hina: Our company mission is to empower, inspire, and transform the lives of new and expecting moms by combining fashion, function, and comfort in our products. To achieve this, we're proud to have a diverse workforce with moms working remotely in various roles, from social media to digital marketing and community management. Their unique skills and experiences contribute significantly to our success and the realisation of our purpose.

NN: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started House of Zelena.

Hina: I am the Founder of House Of Zelena, and it all began in 2021. I am a Technology & Analytics Professional with full-stack expertise in IT Solutions. Being ex-Reckitt, I've closely worked with Global CXOs on Digital Transformation Initiatives and am a Certified AI/ML practitioner too.

As a mother of 2 girls, I have first-hand experienced the need for functional yet voguish products during my pregnancy and the postpartum period. The lack of any known brand in this space led me to launch my own suite of lifestyle products for mothers.

NN: What is stopping Moms from coming back to work and how can society/businesses bridge the gap?

Hina: Several factors such as inadequate childcare options, inflexible working hours, and a lack of family-friendly policies often prevent moms from returning to work. The societal expectation of mothers being primary caregivers is also a barrier. To bridge this gap, we as a business have taken several steps to implement flexible work arrangements. We offer options like remote work, part-time schedules, and flexible hours to accommodate the needs of our working mothers. We also have a healthy work culture where it is normal to hear kids in the background of work calls because this is the new hybrid working world.

NN: Do you feel mothers bring some additional experience to any workplace?

Hina: As a mom entrepreneur with two girls, I believe mothers bring unique skills to the workplace, thanks to their experiences in motherhood. Skills like multitasking, adaptability, time management, empathy, and resilience are honed through raising children and can be incredibly beneficial professionally. Mothers contribute diverse perspectives and creative problem-solving, ultimately enriching the work environment and fostering effective teamwork.

At the Nüshu Network, we're celebrating mothers all through May. We are bringing you some awe-inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs who are moms themselves or serve moms as customers or employ moms in their startups. These are their stories of zeal and resilience.

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