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Meeta Mathur and the Power of Coaching

I get asked this question quite often, "Meeta, why did you become a life coach?", especially after having a successful run at the MNCs and later in our own export enterprise. I founded BIG LADDER, a coaching company, at the age of 50 years, when most women are planning their retirement.

All my life, I have continuously felt called to be of service in some capacity to society. While still an under-grad, through my sheer perseverance I was allowed to volunteer 4 - 5 hours storytelling the 5 - 10-year-olds my at the National School of Blind. I found that I was able to connect with people at a deeper level. They confessed the weirdest things to me. Armed with an MBA and newly married at the time, I joined the corporate world at Mumbai. Several years later, we decamped to Jaipur with the intent of setting an export house. This was a period of great learning and introspection in my life.

As a woman entrepreneur, I was often called for keynote speeches at the leading colleges in Jaipur and at the same time I had started mentoring a few young entrepreneurs. At this time a young girl came into my life whose life I could create a significant change in through counseling. Looking at this success, my family and friends encouraged me to pursue this further, and as is my habit, I started formal studies on the subject and became a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner.

I believe, a life coach does for your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness. One of the most exciting things about coaching is the buzz you get when you motivate the clients to get out of their comfort zone, come up with a plan and put it into action! Life takes on a whole new meaning as you re-create your client’s life the way they want it to be.

Statistics prove that even with great domain knowledge our students are not able to fare well in corporate settings because of a lack of communication skills. Together with Startup Oasis and my extensive research we used the science of Life Coaching and NLP to create modules that assist in creating world class communicators and leaders. We essentially focussed on anxiety management, body language and para language to get the requisite confidence of facing the audience, and then also on structure and content creation.

Communication and Leadership Coaching isn't therapy. It's product development with the client as the product. BIG Ladder was well received in corporates as well as colleges. Since the company's inception in December 2020, we have been able to serve more than 2000 clients. The pandemic gave us an opportunity to reach out to outstation clients as well through the internet. Our most popular module in colleges is AYI – Ace your interview based on NLP techniques of anxiety management and powerful language and body language. The modules are based on psychology, physiology and behavioral science, action oriented with NLP techniques. They can also be customized as per the client’s needs. The client is provided with an evaluation before and after the program. For corporates, Language of Leaders and Powerful Public Speaking are quite popular. Our main target audience is college students, young professionals, executives, and startup founders.

Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and then greatest things can happen. This is the power of coaching. Coaching helps to bring more awareness and solutions to how we see ourselves and the world.

Good news, you are not alone and BIG LADDER is here to help you lead a bigger life and reach higher!

Check out our website here. You may also follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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