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Fashion has a new upcycling upstart

My name is Priyanka Tayi, and I am an apparel designer by profession, an entrepreneur, a Military wife and mum to two girls, Diva and Raga. I am a believer, dreamer, and entrepreneur.

My passions vary from what I do for work, to what I like doing in my spare time. I love art, fashion and craft alike. Learning about traditional textiles especially is pure passion for me. I love everything about weaving and dyeing. When it comes to activities outside of my work, I love traveling, exploring the local cultures of places. In my free time I enjoy reading, baking, table setting and vegetable gardening.

The company I started is called Kula Studio. Kula provides upcycle services for clothes you already own, and have worn. It works as a door to door service, through a digitally responsive website. This way we enable you to switch to circular and slow fashion. My conscious journey with sustainability started after the birth of my daughter, Diva. I started with switching to plastic-free methods and eco-materials and started practicing zero-waste and conscious consumption. I wanted to reuse everything I own and upcycle them into usable products for myself.

“I believe the first step to sustainable living is to take care of what we already own and use them extensively.”

What influenced me to start my venture was becoming a parent, and learning about the adverse effects of fast fashion pollution and climate change. I want to leave a safer planet for my children. What started as an idea in middle of the lockdown is now a startup waiting to disrupt the fast fashion industry.

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