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Arlette Alvarado: An advocate for artisans

“Having and running a business of my own is not a job, but an avenue to connect and to create.”

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. From elementary through college, I have sold a myriad of products – from stationeries, “ukayukay” (pre-loved) clothes to “Divisoria” (thrift) finds. This entrepreneurial spirit is so strong that in college, I took up B.S. Entrepreneurship to hone this innate gift. One may wonder though, why I went into this line of business in particular.

Like many other products and services that have attained certain longevity, I developed my products out of a personal need. Growing up, I struggled with unwanted hair and skin asthma. Finding an affordable, all-natural, easy-to-use, but efficacious hair removal wax was next to impossible; more so, gentle enough for use by people like me with skin asthma. These needs, along with the entrepreneur in me, inspired and motivated me to have my own business and my brand Strip It.

I am a creative person. I love the creative process involved in product development – from conceptualization to actualization. I can proudly say that my products are an expression of my creativity. I derive immense satisfaction from the validation of my creative vision and output by our clients’ continued patronage. Having and running a business of my own is not a job, but an avenue to connect and to create. I also love meeting people from all walks of life and sharing ideas, dreams & life stories with them.

I am an advocate of artisanal products. It has been a passion that I have shared with many. And now as a mom, I try to share this with my daughter too. We make homemade soaps, balms, candles, and sometimes we just create a mess.

All throughout these years, I have given importance to local produce - whether by itself or as a raw material - as outputs of the labor of hardworking local farmers. Our company champions processing the abundance of our local produce, partnering with Filipino farmers all these years. I have eagerly and voluntarily worked with people and organizations that share our vision of an empowered Filipino agricultural community. And so, I aspire to see the fruits of our collaborations with farmers and empower them to have a better future. It is also my dream to showcase our local produce and finished products to the global market.

Having been an entrepreneur for many years, I have learned the importance of giving back to my community. When one is blessed with such a platform to make a difference in other people’s lives, it becomes your responsibility to become a channel to be a blessing to others too.

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