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A problem-solver who cares about emotional well-being

I am Pooja Singh. I love solving problems, making new connections, building websites, creating content, imagining scenarios and dreaming of a better tomorrow. I studied computer applications and hence love technology and the effects (the good ones) it brings. Currently, I am working on my second startup that helps people find relationships.

I aspire for an equal, gender-neutral world, where people come together to help each other. That is what makes my heart sing.

My goal at the beginning was to improve people’s emotional wellbeing amidst the pandemic. After a lot of research, we found that our relationships with others play a vital role in our mental and emotional wellbeing. So, I set out to build Aurhum, a platform to find, build and improve relationships.

What inspired me to go on this venture was personal experiences, as well as experiences shared by friends and acquaintances. The startup ecosystem in India helped in influencing the plunge I needed to take to begin my venture.

I learn every day. I have made a lot of acquaintances and friends, even during the pandemic, just by virtually interacting with them. That makes me believe that connections have no boundaries. I also immensely believe in the power of human connections.

What this whole experience has taught me so far is that relationships are not perfect. They take time and patience and a lot of work. What makes it easy is communicating or expressing effectively.

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